Month: November 2014

Mexico’s Telecom Industry Still A Little Rough Around The Edges

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John Rudasill was steamed.

mtciIf only he’d told his director of Mexican operations to stuff his pockets with pesos when securing phone lines for a new trucking terminal in Monterrey. A savvier hombre would have known this was a job to be done with cash. But Rudasill, president of computer services for the Courier News, has American business expectations. As the director stood in line all day for a phone-line application, then queued up at a bank to get the money to pay for it, then stood in line again to turn it all …

What Measures To Take On Your Own For Hard Drive Recovery

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Although an out of order hard drive can be a great headache, luckily hard drive recovery in many cases may only require a few simple checks and you may well be on your way back to having a normally functioning hard drive. If unfortunately your hard drive stops functioning properly, first of all you need to remove it from your PC and then perform a thorough examination to rule out the possibility of any specific damage. Make sure that there are not any broken tiny parts on the hard drive. If the disk is physically intact, you may need to check the cables as the next step to full data recovery. Try replacing the power and data connection cables with new, working cables.

happy-hard-driveThere is another thing you also need to try for hard drive recovery if you are using a PATA (IDE) drive. In many cases, changing the jumper pin settings of the drive may work e.g. if it was previously set to “slave” or “cable” change the settings to “master” and it might work for you. Moreover, besides changing the settings, remove any other devices that might be attached to the same port and plug the drive in that port alone.

Relieving RAID Logical Disk Issues

It is often very difficult to counter RAID logical disk issues. However, when this happens to your Dell PowerEdge server system, it is important to seek help right away. Some people attempt to fix the problem all by themselves and end up losing all the files eventually. Some people assume that Dell’s OpenManage Server Administrator (also known by its acronym OMSA) can help them when a drive fails within the array. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Using OMSA can often make recovering data from a Dell PowerEdge server more difficult than is necessary. This is the reason why it is necessary to simply turn off the computer when PowerEdge RAID array logical disk issues are experienced. From there, Read the rest of this entry »

Piracy Still A Major Drain On IT

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psdiitA posse of federal marshals, attorneys, and software piracy auditors turned up one morning last December at the offices of Southern Benefits Consulting in Dallas. Acting on behalf of plaintiffs Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc., the party was armed with a court order allowing a surprise on-site audit of the insurance company’s computers. U.S. District Court Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater had granted the order after Microsoft and Novell filed a sealed complaint alleging massive copyright infringement. Completed in just half a day, the audit of about 100 PCs turned up enough evidence to produce a …