Web designers and developers are on a constant journey of discovery. Whatever framework, tool or technology is used, you can guarantee there will be a new version or update in the pipeline. Or there might be an alternative on the market being adopted by the creative masses that will improve your job prospects if you can add it to your CV. 

Want to learn React, JavaScript, Illustrator, UX and more? Or perhaps you have always wanted to improve your illustration skills so you can finally finish the personal project that has been sitting on your desktop for the last two years. Whatever the reason, there is no better way than to learn from those in the know. For instant access to some top-class training, YouTube is the perfect platform. 

Why YouTube? First up it’s free (most of the time) and the best YouTube channels and tutors engage with you and make you want to learn. They leave you wanting more. With this in mind, we’ve put together a host of the best design and development YouTube channels that offer something for everyone (design channels are on this page, jump to page 2 here). 

01. DesignCourse

This channel is run by a chap called Gary who has worked for some of the big names in video learning including Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com. He teaches full-stack development, which in this case means you get a mix of design and development tutorials including UI/UX, front end dev, back end dev and graphic design. With new videos coming weekly, it’s always worth checking out what’s new. And if the latest addition isn’t for you, you can always dive into the channel’s extensive back catalogue.

02. Gigantic

If flat-design illustration and 2D animation is on your learning radar then this channel has plenty to offer. There are lots of tutorials that demonstrate how to create/illustrate cartoon characters that look amazing. Beyond character design there are videos on logo design and After Effects, along with helpful and useful advice – check out the video Overcoming Creative Blocks (above). There’s a ridiculous number of high-quality videos on offer and if you like what you see make sure you check out the Gigantic store.

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03. DevTips

You may be wondering what a dev channel is doing in the design section. Well, the reason is that this channel offers dev tips for designers. If you’ve always been too scared to jump into the world of JavaScript, you should start here. Once the hosts David and MPJ have you hooked, you can go back every week and get something new. There is plenty of variety and levels: you could learn how to get started with Adobe CC (get Adobe Creative Cloud here), try some React prototyping and discover animation with CSS. If you are a designer, give it a go.

04. Layout Land

This channel is run by Mozilla designer and developer advocate Jen Simmons. You may already be aware of her and if you know who she is or have heard her speak you will know how good she is. If you haven’t, now is the time to find out who she is. There is plenty on offer here for those looking to get to grips with layouts and CSS Grid. Looking past Grid, there are videos on cool new CSS properties you really need to know about. Make sure you subscribe. 

05. Mike Locke

Mike Locke is a passionate and enthusiastic presenter who is a senior UI/UX designer with a wide skill set. He knows all about visual UI design, user experience, usability, interaction design, information architecture, research and analytics, XHTML/CSS and strategy and planning. His channel is very much a reflection of what he knows. Locke concentrates on UI/UX design and offers plenty of sensible and reasoned thoughts and advice. Plus, if you need career advice make sure you take a look. 

06. Mozilla Hacks

This channel comes from the good people at Mozilla and delves into the many areas of the web the company is involved in. You can take a look at the talks from Mozilla’s own View Source conference, which again covers a wide cross section of web design and development. Elsewhere you can look at layouts and Grid. Mozilla is heavily involved in AR/VR/MR, so find out what it’s doing here and learn about the tools it is bringing to the table.

07. InVision

There’s a good chance you know of prototyping experts InVision and this is the company’s official channel. So what’s it got to offer? As you might expect there are InVision Studio tips, InVision tutorials and training and Sketch tips and tutorials. Plus, you can find over 60 design talks from InVision users that cover user research, ethics, how to be a UX consultant, design sprints, feedback and much more. 

08. Sketch Together

Sketch Together is a channel dedicated to all user experience and user interface design. Need to learn Sketch quickly? Then check out the Sketch App Crash Course. Ever heard of the interactive design tool Framer? Check out the Framer Crash Course to get up to speed. Elsewhere, get design opinions, the channel's late night design show and live streams and sessions.

09. Flux

There is nothing like learning from someone who has already been there and done it. Their experiences can help you avoid falling into the common traps and this is what Flux is about. The channel is the personal vlog of designer and entrepreneur Ran Segall and he reveals the lessons he has learnt while building his career as a designer. He provides design case studies, as well as showing how to start freelancing, build a design portfolio, work with budgets and clients and plenty more besides. 

10. Zimri Mayfield

With his channel, Mayfield brings you a wide variety of Adobe Illustrator tutorials, graphic design inspiration and a whole host of creative projects to follow. His flamboyant personality and natural presentation will keep you engaged and – of course – learning. For more on Illustrator, see our list of the best Illustrator tutorials.

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11. LevelUp Tuts

The mission of this channel is to help you become a better web developer. It has a comprehensive collection of videos – over 800 – with new ones added regularly. So what languages and technologies are making the grade? If you’re keen to learn Vue and React then there is plenty populating the playlists. GraphQL, Gatsby, Apollo and Redux are all getting their own space. But the channel is not too dev heavy. It also includes HTML5 videos, Drupal, CSS, Sass, Sketch and WordPress among many. Check out the store to get yourself a neat geek t-shirt.

12. Google Chrome Developers

Every designer and developer knows who the Big G is, and unsurprisingly it has a lot to offer. Google’s reach on the web is pretty wide and this is reflected in what the channel brings to the table. Progressive web apps, Chrome DevTools, UX design, Polymer, speed and performance are all in there. Google is not shy and retiring when it comes to shows, conferences and talks, and these are all sitting among the more practical videos. The company runs its own developer shows where you can get the lowdown on all the latest developments and news. This channel is a must for any developer.

13. Ihatetomatoes

Ihatetomatoes is all about the front end and is brought to you by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable Petr Tichy. There are HTML and CSS videos but the bigger focus in on animation, with a playlist dedicated to GreenSock, along with parallax scrolling, ScrollMagic and skrollr. However, there’s still enough morsels for back end devs: a lot of the recent additions have been aimed at React, with additional Angular, VS Code and webpack videos completing the dev collection. One other playlist that’s well worth a look is Website Deconstructions. Here, Tichy takes a closer look at a specific design element and then works out how it is constructed.  

14. The Net Ninja

If you are looking to get a black belt in web development then this video dojo is a great place to learn. Regular (almost daily) updates are the order of the day. Typically, new videos come in series, meaning viewers get a complete course. So what courses are on offer? Vuetify, Vue CLI, D3, React, Redux, Firebase, Materialize, Firestore, object-oriented JavaScript, CSS variables and Django are the latest additions. Keeping this comprehensive channel company are playlists that take a closer look at WebSockets, Angular, Sass, Git and GitHub, Bootstrap, Node.js and much, much more. 

15. Kent C Dodds

Dodds is a man who likes to talk about JavaScript and other web issues. He posts on a weekly basis and covers a wide spectrum of JS-related content. With over 300 videos to choose from there is pretty much something for everyone. He presents in an easy to follow manner with the screen typically dedicated to live code. Recent additions take a look at React but there is also content on how to improve a11y and usability, effective unit testing, designing an API for extensibility and installing Gatsby. To help work through the videos there are some useful playlists.

16. JSConf

JSConf is a series of JavaScript conferences from around the world and the channel releases many of its conference talks for free after every event it holds. JavaScript is the common denominator here but it’s not solely dedicated to the subject. Recent additions to the channel include SPA at Scale, Lessons in WebAssembly, Augmenting the Internet with Browser Extensions and RxJS: A Better Way To Write Front-end Applications. If you like to do your learning via talks there’s plenty of current content to enjoy.

17. Zac Gordon

This channel is centred around JavaScript and how it is used in WordPress. There’s a wide variety of topics covered within the scope of the subject. For example, a comprehensive selection of videos demonstrates how to use the Atom editor. Meanwhile, the Learning JavaScript course is broken down into all the essential components that a user needs to get up to speed with JS – one example being Statements, Expressions and Keywords in JavaScript. Plus there’s also a host of talks from the 2018 JavaScript for WordPress Conference, a look at WordPress’s Gutenberg and various case studies on WP API and JS.

18. Codedamn

Started back in 2015, this channel offers a huge library of videos across a range of JavaScript-related content. New videos are added every week and are typically part of a specific course. While each course is easy to find thanks to branded start screens, they are also all neatly packaged into playlists for quick access. So what’s on offer? There are basic JavaScript tutorials, plus tutorials on Angular 6 (and other versions), Babel, React Native, Vue.js, Ionic, ReactJS, TypeScript, MongoDB, Node.js, Bootstrap, PHP, Chrome extension and RequireJS to name a few. It even has over 30 jQuery tutorials if that’s your bag.  

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