Creating a memorable design that suits a client's wants and needs is no easy feat. In order to successfully promote a product or service, campaigns need to be both eye-catching and thought-provoking. But developing such design skills takes time and practise. This is why graphic design students at Shillington are regularly put through their paces with complex briefs, which, more often that not, involve creating concept designs for real-life brands in just three months (or nine months part-time). 

From billboards and display ads, to web concepts and poster designs, here are some of the best projects from Shillington students at six campuses around the world for you to enjoy and be inspired by. 

To view all 17 projects in full, visit the Shillington blog

01. Evena Wong

Based in Brisbane, graphic design student Evena Wong developed this identity for a Cuddly Sharks cafe, with the aim to change people's perceptions of sharks. “Sharks are constantly portrayed as monsters in the media,” she says. “This event aimed to encourage an appreciation for the overlooked charm of sharks.” 

02. Ray Wong

Working out of Shillington's London campus, Ray Wong created this concept for the Grub Festival, an event which asks why insects don't form staple part of our diets today. "The aim was to incite an environmental change by taking the focus away from the livestock industry, and to normalise the consumption of the creepy crawlies, in a fun and exciting way," Wong explains. 

03. Tom Shepherd

Tom Shepherd is a Shillington student based in Melbourne. Here he got under consumers skin with this body positive campaign for Dove, which encourages people to attend a 'Dove Yourself' event. Shepherd's sensitive illustrations and hand-drawn typography, carrying the message to 'love the skin you're in', result in beautiful poster design with serious impact.

To view all 17 projects in full, visit the Shillington blog. And if you want to see more, check out the complete Shillington Student Showreel and Showcase.

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17 standout Shillington student designs
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