70+ Corporate & Creative Business Card PSD Mockup Templates

The design of your business cards is vital if you’re looking to make a good first impression. In this post, we’ve collected over 70 of the best free and premium business card mockups that you can use for your next client meeting or design project.

We’re not only covering corporate professional designs, but also profession-specific business cards like those designed for photographers, doctors or even writers.

All the mockups are designed to perfection, and come in a variety of easily editable formats! They’re ready to use with Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and more.

Need extra help creating something stunning? Explore our Business Card feature for more tips, ideas, and inspiration.

Top Pick

Realistic Business Card Mockup

Realistic Business Card Mockup

If you’re looking for a mockup template with a minimal and realistic layout to show off your professional business card designs, this mockup is perfect for you.

This mockup comes with a simple yet very effective mockup layout featuring organized layers and smart objects for easily placing your designs in the mockup. It also includes realistic paper textures as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

Simplicity is what makes this mockup template perfect. Even with the changeable background, this mock allows you to showcase your business card designs in a realistic setting while also giving your clients a clear look at both sides of the business card at the same time.

5 Creative Business Card Mockups

5 Creative Business Card Mockups

This creative business card mockups bundle comes with 5 different mockup templates for presenting your designs to clients and in portfolios. The mockups feature photorealistic layouts with textures and backgrounds.

Hand Holding Business Card Mockup

Hand Holding Business Card Mockup

Using this mockup, you can showcase your business card designs as if they are being held by a real hand. The mockup template comes fully layered with smart objects. You can edit it using Photoshop CC 2018 or higher.

Elegant Business Card Mockup

Elegant Business Card Mockup

This bundle of business card mockups comes with 5 different templates and 8 stunning backgrounds. The clean and minimal look of these mockups will surely help you present yourself and …

8 Tips for Creating a Logo With Purpose

With so many logo design concepts, trends, and examples out there, how do you sort through all the clutter to create a logo that has a purpose for our brand or company?

It’s not always an easy task. The best and most memorable logos are not just designed well, they have purposeful meaning that creates a connection between the mark and organization it represents.

This can happen quickly with a brand that grows in popularity fast or steadily over time as a mark is established.

Here are some things to think about as you tackle creating (or recreating) a logo so that it has a purpose.

1. A Logo Should be Identifiable

logo design

When planning what your logo mark or brand, think about the user first. Approach it like you would a UX problem.

A logo design should be identifiable in a way that connects the symbol to the company or brand. You don’t need to see the word Nike to know the swoosh or Airbnb to understand the looping A. Think of the universal icon for recycling, above. You’d know that mark anywhere and know exactly what it means.

The key component of identification is with your target audience.

Think of a brand you interact with all the time. You can probably spot the logo quickly, knowing just what it means. But that might not be as universally true as a big brand. Regardless, it is equally effective. The logo is identifiable to the audience it serves.

2. It Should be Modern but Not Too Trendy

logo design

To connect with audiences, a logo design should have a modern look and feel, but shouldn’t be overly trendy. That’s mostly to protect the mark.

A trendy logo will force you to redesign frequently if trends change so that design isn’t dated. How will you establish a purposeful and memorable brand design if it is constantly changing?

The Spotify logo, above, is a good example because it has a flat style and bright color – both trending design elements – but the mark isn’t …

50+ Best Slab Serif Fonts of 2019

Slab serif fonts can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from general body text to headlines, to display copy. It’s a typography variant that has been used widely for digital as well as print purposes, and devices such as Amazon Kindle even use a slab serif as their default font.

In order to celebrate this amazing subtype, we have gathered 40+ amazing slab serif fonts that you can use for your next design project. They’re bold, beautiful, and carry plenty of impact. All of the font packs included consist of different variants and weights that give you plenty of scope to experiment in your designs. Let’s take a look!

What is a Slab Serif Font?

A serif font is quite easy to recognize. They are the fonts that have small extended lines at the edges of its characters, also known as serifs.

Slab serif is a type of a serif font. However, unlike serif fonts that feature smaller and thin serifs at the end of letters, slab serif fonts have larger and much thicker serifs. They also come in all shapes and sizes, including blocky serifs and serifs with rounded edges.

Slab serif fonts are used in all sorts of designs from poster titles to logos, signage, website headers, and much more.

Top Pick

Bw Glenn Slab Serif Font Family

Bw Glenn Slab Serif Font Family

Bw Glenn is a family of slab serif fonts featuring a modern and professional design, which makes it a suitable choice for all kinds of business, creative, and branding designs.

The font comes with 8 different weights ranging from hairline thin to black bold. Each weight also has its own italic version as well. This makes the total of typefaces to 16.

Why This Is A Top Pick

This font family comes from an experienced designer named Alberto Romanos. But what makes the font special is its multipurpose design. You’ll be able to use this font family with various types of design projects.

Kula – Modern Slab Serif Font

Kula - Modern Slab Serif Font

Kula is an elegant and modern slab serif font …

30+ Best Scene and Mockup Generators of 2019

It isn’t always easy to find the right mockup for your header or feature image. Using a mockup generator can help you tweak and customize a mockup to match your needs perfectly.

Mostly because high-quality stock photos and images are hard to find, and can come with hefty price tags. Even when you do find a great image, you later discover that someone else is using that exact same image on a different website. Which brings you back to square one. However, there’s a simpler solution to this problem: Scene generators!

Scene and mockup generators are bundles of elements and objects, which you can use to create your own unique header images, product mockup scenes, and custom graphics however you like. The best part is that you’ll be able to use these scene generators to create all the images you need for various projects.

What Is A Mockup Generator?

A mockup or a scene generator is a bundle of graphics and elements that allows you to create your own unique scenes for showcasing and presenting your designs.

For example, there are mockup generator bundles that include dozens of separated images of items such as tables, laptops, books, lamps, and other decorative elements you can move and rearrange however you like to create a scene to promote your designs.

These scene generators often include more than 100 isolated items in PNG and PSD format and come in all kinds of categories for showcasing different types of designs, including website designs, app designs, stationery designs, logo designs, and much more.

The best part is they are very easy to edit and customize. Even beginning designers can easily edit the PSD files using Photoshop to create stylish mockup scenes to present their designs to clients or showcase them on portfolio websites.

Top Pick

Art & Branding Scene Generator

Art & Branding Scene Generator

This is a massive scene generator bundle that comes with more than 320 different elements in transparent PNG file format. It includes items in 15 different categories such as electronics, photography, stationery, and much more

30+ Best Landscape Lightroom Presets

Unlike taking portrait photos, capturing beautiful scenes in travel and landscape photos is quite difficult because you have to work with the natural lighting conditions. With the power of a landscape Lightroom preset, you can add incredible depth and personality to your landscape photos with just a few clicks!

Whether you’re a professional photographer using a DSLR or a traveler snapping photos with a smartphone, Lightroom is a must-have app that will help improve your landscape photos. One of the many benefits of using Lightroom is the ability to use presets. With a simple Lightroom preset, you can instantly optimize your photos, adjust colors, lighting, and more with just one-click.

In this collection, we handpicked some of the best landscape Lightroom presets you can use to enhance your outdoor photos without having to spend hours adjusting and optimizing settings in Photoshop.

5 Tips for Editing Landscape Photos

Processing landscape photos is quite different from editing other types of photos. Follow these tips to make sure you use the right techniques.

1. Use RAW File Format

RAW is an image file format commonly used in digital cameras but it’s now also available in modern smartphones. Since it doesn’t compress the images to reduce file sizes, RAW is considered to be the best image file format for professional photography.

Especially when it comes to editing landscape photos, use RAW images as it gives you the opportunity to work with the original photograph that hasn’t been affected by compression or quality reduction.

2. Adjust Colors Individually

Photo editing apps like Photoshop and Lightroom allows you to enhance the colors of a photo using different hue and saturation adjustments. When using this tool, try to target different colors individually.

For example, if you’re editing a landscape photo of a lush forest, you may want to target the greens to make the color stand out from the rest.

3. Remove Lens Flare

Lens flare is a common issue most nature and outdoor photographers have to deal with all the time. Thankfully, you can get rid …

20+ Best Free Resume Templates (For Word)

Landing a job interview is all about standing out from the crowd. Every job vacancy gets hundreds of resumes and applications. It’s the design of your resume and the way you present yourself that will ultimately help you land an interview.

Everything from choosing the right font for your resume, to arranging the content and paragraphs, play a key role in making a professional resume. But, with these pre-made templates, you won’t have to worry about spending hours designing the perfect resume.

For this collection, we handpicked some of the best free resume templates you can easily download and edit with Microsoft Word to create a professional and creative resume all by yourself. Best of luck!

5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

It only takes just one mistake in your resume to destroy chances of landing your dream job. Follow these tips to make sure you make the best resume that wins you an interview.

1. Use a Creative and Minimal Design

There’s a trend in modern resume designs where they use lots of colorful shapes, images, icons, and uncommon designs that you’ve never seen before. This type of resume designs only makes you look unprofessional.

Use a creative resume design, but ensure it also has a minimal and clean content layout that makes it easier for the employers to scan quickly and read without getting lost.

2. Separate the Sections to Improve Overall Design

Every resume must include sections for detailing different information about the applicant, including education information, work history, skills, etc. Most professionally make the mistake of mixing all of this information into a single page and creating a cluttered resume.

Don’t make that same mistake. Create clearly separated sections for detailing all the different information about yourself. Use colors and shapes when you can to highlight the sections.

3. Use a Clean and Professional Font

Choosing the right font for your resume design is arguably the most important decision you have to make. Since a resume is a document filled with text, using …

30+ Best Real Estate Flyer Templates

Passing flyers is one of the best marketing strategies real estate agencies use to market their properties. We handpicked a collection of attractive real estate flyer templates to help you design unique flyers to promote your real estate listings like a pro.

Real estate is a booming industry. With many agencies popping up around every corner, you need to think outside the box to get more attention to the houses, flats, and apartments you’re trying to market. This involves crafting flyers and brochures that get potential buyers attention and stand out from the crowd.

With the help of these easy to use templates, you’ll be able to design such amazing-looking flyers to promote your property listings without even having to spend extra money on hiring graphic designers. You can easily edit these templates all by yourself.

Browse the collection, download a real estate flyer template, and start customizing to design a unique flyer for your business.

5 Tips for Designing Real Estate Flyers

Are you making your first real estate flyer? Then these tips will come in handy.

1. Include Large and Clear Images

Images take the spotlight of every real-estate flyer design. But most designers often get carried away and include either bad photos or try to cram too many images into one flyer design.

Don’t make that same mistake. Use a maximum of 4 photos to showcase a listing. Try to hire a professional photographer to take photos. Use drones to take aerial photos if possible.

2. Use Shapes to Stand Out

Real-estate market is a highly competitive industry. If you want to stand out, you need to think outside the box. Instead of using the same old template that everyone else uses, try to use a design that’s different from the rest.

Use a template with creative shapes, colors, and icons to highlight images and text on your flyer designs.

3. Pick the Appropriate Design Style

There are several different styles of designs used in real-estate flyer design such as dark color themes, clean and minimalist designs, …

30+ Best Fonts for PowerPoint Presentations

Picking the right font for your presentation is probably the most important part of designing a PowerPoint slideshow. If your font isn’t readable, you’ll have a confused audience. We explored the web to find this collection of the best fonts for PowerPoint presentations to help you choose the best font for your slideshow design.

When designing a PowerPoint presentation it’s easier to just pick a font from the default fonts collections installed on your computer and just finish making the slides. But, a unique, custom font can help you create a winning presentation that shows off professionalism.

Choosing a unique font with the right weight and creative design will allow you to not only design a presentation that looks more original, but also to quickly attract the attention of your audience.

In this collection, we’re featuring some of the best fonts you can use to design professional slides for all kinds of PowerPoint presentations from business to startup pitch decks, school presentations, and much more. Have a look.

4 Tips for Choosing a Presentation Font

If you’re new to creating presentations, follow these tips to find the best font for your design.

1. Choose Fonts That Improve Readability

Most PowerPoint presentations include two different types of text titles or headings and paragraph text. When designing both types of text, you need to take readability into account.

Where are you presenting your slideshow? Will it be at a big conference for a big crowd? Or a small team meeting at the office? Depending on the situation, choose a font and a font size appropriately. For example, if you’re presenting the slideshow to a crowd at a large hall, you may want to use an easy to read sans-serif font with larger font size for paragraph text to let people in every corner read the text more easily.

2. Use No More Than Two Fonts

It’s best to use two different fonts for your titles and paragraph text. But, avoid using more than two fonts. Some people actually use one font for …

30+ Best 3D Logo Mockup Templates

Choosing the right mockup template to showcase your logo design is a key way to impress your client. Choosing a logo template with depth, texture, and realism can really help set your design apart.

Clients want to see how your logo design will look on a finished product. Whether you’re working on a logo design for a coffee shop, corporate business, or for product packaging, you should try to find a suitable logo mockup to make your design concept more realistic.

We’ve handpicked some of the best logo mockups with realistic 3D designs for giving your presentation an extra special look.

If you’re in the middle of a logo design project, don’t forget to check out our in-depth guide on how to design a logo!

What is a 3D Logo Mockup?

Professional designers always use creative mockup templates to showcase their work on websites, portfolios, and presenting designs to clients. When it comes to presenting logo designs, a 3D logo mockup is the best way to go.

Unlike ordinary mockup templates, 3D logo mockups give your logo designs a more creative 3D look that makes your logos and badges look more realistic.

3D logo mockups are also quite easy to use. You can easily place your own logo design in the mockup using smart object layers and the 3D effects get automatically applied to your logo without any effort.

Top Pick

3D Logo Mockup Set

3D Logo Mockup Set

This mockup template comes with a true 3D design allowing you to give your logos a realistic 3D-like look and feel. It will work perfectly with both text and symbol logos.

The mockup comes in 6 different styles, each available as a fully layered PSD file with smart objects. You can edit and customize the template to replace the logo design quite easily.

Why This Is A Top Pick

What makes this logo mockup special is the realistic design. It even uses real backgrounds and textures to give your designs a true photorealistic look and feel. Being able to choose from 6 different styles

7 Ways to Create a Website on a Budget

A great website doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can get a professional-looking design with a few pages – that’s enough to get started – with a small budget. Here’s how.

The good news is that you can create and design a website yourself using a tool such as an online site builder, or work with a professional while maximizing your budget. The key is to be realistic. A website is not free. Even if you do it yourself, you’ll need a domain, hosting, and other tools (many site builders have a monthly fee) depending on how you plan to create the website.

The best practice is to start with a little research, then set a budget. That way you know what you can afford and how to have conversations about planning the website design. Here’s how you do it!

1. Set Goals

website budget

What do you want your website to do? Whether you are creating a portfolio or new website for a startup company, knowing what to expect from the website can help you plan and manage it more efficiently.

You’ll probably have a smaller budget for the website design and build if it is solely informational, such as a blog.

Setting goals can also help you plan a potential website return on investment and set a budget for the initial project and managing the website in the long term.

Think of goals like this: You’ll probably have a smaller budget for the website design and build if it is solely informational, such as a blog. But if your website helps sell a product or service, allowing users to sign up for an email list or information, there’s greater potential for return, and maybe gives you more room in your budget.

Finally, if the website will be used for e-commerce, the potential return on investment from your website is any sales from the website. Look at that goal in connection to budget to see what you think you can afford.

Remember a budget is relative to the …